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  1. CutiePie

    Celebrities [RP Increase] - Suggestion

    New Suggestion/Idea What does it affect? Tick all that apply [X] MTA:RP Gameplay [ ] User Interface [ ] MTA:RP Forums [ ] UCP [ ] Only MTA:RP Staff (Administration Tools) [ ] Other _________________. Please provide a brief summary of your Suggestion/Idea -Well, This is an...
  2. CutiePie

    For sale || manision near spd || check now

    Auction about : A Gated Manision Near SPD. Auction starts at , ends at? 4Mil to 7Mil. More Information: A Huge Gated Manision Near Santa Maria Beach , Very wide balcony , Rooftop access , Huge size for interior and exterior , 100 People May live in that place , Place to park 18+ Cars...