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  1. Ryota

    Ryota [MEDIA]

  2. Ryota

    Script Update - v3.5.6.5

    Does this mean noo more NOS? Why? Removing legend tag for 2k hours? Again why? That was my next milestone. But oh well, I see more positives than negatives, now can I get refund for the 10x NOS my cars if they get removed? huehuehue *sarcasm*
  3. Ryota

    Brakes on a hotwired vehicle.

    New Suggestion/Idea Simply to have brakes when you hotwire a vehicle. Instead of only the handbrake. What does it affect? Tick all that apply [X] MTA:RP Gameplay [ ] User Interface [ ] MTA:RP Forums [ ] UCP [ ] Only MTA:RP Staff (Administration Tools) [ ] Other _______________...
  4. Ryota

    Graphics glitch?

    Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong location. I installed a fresh version of the game for modding singleplayer purposes, It is installed to a different location than the game I play MTA with. But my graphics aren't doing well. I am getting a jittery 20-30fps in a empty area. But tree's...