Are Applications Open?

Discussion in 'Administrator Applications' started by Overload, Feb 28, 2018.

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    Yes and no.
    We decided to do things a little different with our Applications for becoming administrator.
    The applications are always open, You can post an application at any point. If you post an application and do not hear back from it within 30 days then you can post a New application once every 31 days. Please do not post multiple applications within the 31 day period. When in doubt, wait! Multiple applications within one rolling 31 day period will result in immediate denial.

    Applications never close, So we are constantly accepting applications. At random point when we decide we need more admins, we will review all the applications pending, and do standard voting procedures to chose new trials. If you do not hear anything back from your application within 30 days of posting you can assume that you were passed along this round.
    The best practice to follow is that if you want to keep an active admin application on file, just post one every 1st of each month.

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