GameMaster Qualifications


Los Santos Police Department

GameMaster Qualifications

Please ensure you meet the following requirements before filling out a GameMaster Application. If you post one without qualifying, you will be denied instantly (with very few exceptions) and your application status will be barred for the next three sessions.


  • 1 month no jails, 3 months no warns or bans
  • A strong understanding of the server rules and regulations
  • A detailed application
  • Active with for a minimum of 25 days
  • Minimum of 150 hours across your account
  • A strong understanding of the servers rules
  • A strong understanding of the community guidelines and roles
  • Ability to speak English fluently
  • Must not be a staff member within MTA:SA

[*]Be or have been an RP+ member.
[*]A recommendation from a staff member

These are not the only qualifications, simply the most prudent ones worth mentioning. Other requirements, such as no history of DDoS'ing, are and should be implied without needing to list them.