Things i would like to see in the server.


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These are the thinks i would like the server to have.

1. I would like see the cigarette tag under the name of the player. (Like we have to the helmet and bandana)

2. I would like to see the window actually be down when we open it. - Working on this Jeff 6/18

3. I would like the tint of the cars to get more realistic and not just be black.

4. I would also like to see the system to add wraps for the car. (Just like we have for the skins)

5. It would be better if there would be sound when you turn the car lights on/off and for the blinkers aswell.

6. Give irl name to the cars with the handling and speed.

7. Getting rid of the v12 and v16 mods, and instead rp'ing adding the mods for any performance upgrade for the car.

8. Adding speed bumps around the city would also be cool

Along with these a maybe a little bit of fresh start aswell, like player get 500k money and can keep few car and property which they like.
Hope to see atleast few of these suggestion in the server :)
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Windows toggle now for whatever seat you are sitting in
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