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Terms & Agreements - Violation may result in legal action being taken.

  • Your bid is permanent once posted and can not be withdrawn.
  • If you decide to not sell, the purchaser may take to court and win any legal action.
  • Only if both seller and buyer agree may an auction be canceled.
  • Final buyout and starting bid increments may not change unless with exceptions in the first twenty four (24) hours.
  • If no bid has been made, the buyout and bid increment may be adjusted once.
  • If any bids have been made, you may not change the increments or buyout price.
  • If final bid is in excess of 75% of buyout cost, then buyout is no longer an option.
  • Last bid placed must be within 75% of the buyout cost, may not bid after buyout is made.
  • Auction House respects our users privacy and does not require proof of persons.
  • Auction House is not responsible for no payments or wrongful actions done against the seller or buyer.

OOC Agreements - Violation may result in administration action being taken.

  • You may not place a property, vehicle or other asset which you do not currently own on the Auction House.
  • Buyer must have the available stats as well as money on person when bidding.
  • No scamming of any kind is allowed therefor.
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