[HIRING] Los Santos Police Department


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Los Santos Police Department

"To Protect and to Serve"

We're looking for people, like you, to enlist in the career of Law Enforcement. To protect, serve, and uphold the law constitutes the majority of your job description, whether it be a nice one in the Central Bureau, or flying in the Air Support Unit, maybe even training with the Training Bureau, the choice is yours. Do you have what it takes?

Apply today at

Applications will be opened till Friday (01/31/2014). Training will occur on the weekend dates specified on the main LSPD website, once accepted you'll be able to view these.

For more information, head to our information page at Applicant Information.

  • must be at least 21 years of age or older.
  • must be a U.S Citizen, or applying for U.S Citizenship during the time of application.
  • must have an eyesight of at least 20/20, or be able to modify it using some external device such as contact lenses or glasses.
  • must be a current resident of the state of San Andreas, living somewhat near the city of Los Santos.
  • must have a valid drivers license from the San Andreas Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • must be fairly physically and mentally fit, although some exceptions may be made.
  • must possess a valid High School Diploma or G.E.D. Equivalent 4-year degree in a accredited institution may make up for lack of.


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