LSPD is hiring!


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LSPD is hiring people who want to serve and protect in state of San Andreas.

Is it something for you?

Come to LSPD Lobby and ask Officer Wilson for an application form.

  • You must be at least 21 years of age to become a student within our academy.
  • You have to possess a valid U.S drivers license which is to presented in the interview.
  • You must have a clean criminal record (minor infractions are excused).
  • You have to be a U.S citizen by birth or naturalization.
  • The ability to speak and understand English.
  • Average physique and mentally healthy. You are also to present your Medical Records if you have an allergies or medical conditions.

Out of character:

If you wish to apply for a career within the Los Santos Police Department, you must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

((OOC Requirements))
(( You have to be at least 13 (thirteen) years of age or show maturity at a equal/higher grade ))
(( You have to possess a working copy of TeamSpeak and a microphone. This can be found : TeamSpeak Download ))
(( You have to be effective in your use of English. Poor level of English won't do ))
(( Make sure your forum account name is Firstname Lastname and not Firstname_Lastname or anything else. (I.E. Charlie Fox) ))

If you fulfill these requirements and wish to apply, check this: RECRIUTMENT STATUS to see if we are currently recruiting.
If the recruitment is OPEN, you may apply on using the following format:

Come apply on

I promis you an answer within 12 hours!

-Lisa Milano / JTA (Head of Applications, Field Training Officer!)