[Press Release] Local Man Arrested, Charged with Drug Trafficking and Illegal Firearm Possesion


Los Santos Police Department

LSPD Press Release #001

Los Santos, SA. - Local man arrested on drug trafficking and illegal firearm possession charges by the Los Santos Police Department and State Police.

On March 11th, 2020 at approximately 0:31 Adam Belton was arrested for Reckless Driving, possession of marijuana (one gram) and the possession of firearms in association with the possession of marijuana charge.

Adam Belton was arrested for 24 months ((24 Hours)) and fined approximately $180,000. He was later fined an additional $260,000 for the possession of Illegal Firearms and Drug Trafficking after LSPD and State Police served a warrant on Mr.Belton's properties. An excessive amount of illegal drugs were founds in 3 different homes in Mr. Belton's houses. One AK-47 and One M4A1 were found in one house of Mr.Belton's.

Belton was arrested for the following:
-HSC 11351 (One count of marijuana)
-VC 23103 (Reckless Driving)
-PC 626 (Possession of Firearm While Possession of Illegal Drugs) [Legal Firearm, but weapon license voided with possession of marijuana]
-HSC 11350 (Trafficking drugs) [Drugs excess of 250+ found in properties]
-PC 626 (Possession of Illegal Firearms [1 M4 + 1 AK 47])

We as a Law Enforcement agency are proud to get these dangerous items off the streets in an effort to keep our community safe!


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