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    After much deliberation with the higher administration team, we have decided that we will no longer allow using donator perks to alter an active roleplay.

    This will Include:
    Teleporting a car out of PD Custody to avoid impounding, or permanent impounding.
    Using donator perks to buy a drivers, weapons, or pilots license after failing to have one in an active RP.
    Spawning a car via the donator menu, to alter a active roleplay.

    Any donator perk that you can use should not be used while in an RP, that could alter the outcome of that RP.

    If a car is permanently impounded, the officer should contact a Lead+ admin to arrange for the vehicle to either be deleted, or move to the Police Faction within 30 mins of the RP Being complete, otherwise the car will be assumed to not be a permanent impound.

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