Why Weekly Reports are Important


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At MTA:RP we require that all Server Support Members to make Weekly(Every 7 days) Reports that include information to do with Punishments they are issuing.

Some of you probably are disappointed that you are required to do this and may think its stupid but we actually do have a legitimate reason to why we do it.. When you are accepted as a Server Support, you are new to the team possibly even new to administrating on MTA in General. So we use the weekly reports to monitor the type of decisions you make and why you are making them. They also help us in the event for example if you were ticketed by a player. We should be able to look at your weekly report to learn more information about why you choose to do that.

We can look at how many jails you are issuing and decide if maybe you should be warning players more about the situation first. They are a key part in the evaluation process when we deciede who will be promoted at the next update.
"Well bmazoka hasn't been doing his Weekly reports where as Overload has been.."
"bmazoka is not dedicated enough and we shouldn't promote him"

This is why we enforce with infractions. Being a part of the team carries out of game just as much as it does in game. You are expected to be on the forums daily checking for new announcements, helping players, and answering questions.

Remember we only require significant jails of 60+ Minutes or Jails that you feel the need to share.

Admin Currently Enforcing Weekly Reports: DrJoseEvil
Thank you for your consideration and please post a inactivity post if you cannot get online to make a Weekly Report so you will not be infracted. Infractions will happen 3 days after the due date. We are not required to warn you first. This counts as a warning.

--High Administration
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Bump for the Trial Admins. These are due on Mondays of every week.


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Bump for the Trial Admins. These are due on Mondays of every week.

That feel when trial admin who doesn't make weekly reports gets promoted and trial admin who does weekly reports doesn't get promoted


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What I want to tell to uppers:


I'm just joking, no offense pls